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Mi, 2 November 2016 04:40:32

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help.

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Di, 1 November 2016 21:42:15

So lovely! I love the pattern on that dress – it reminds me of falling leaves! I need to figure out ways to wear my maxi skirts this fall – they’re just too comfy to put away yet!

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This information is off the hizool!

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Mo, 31 Oktober 2016 19:54:33

At last, someone who comes to the heart of it all

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Mo, 31 Oktober 2016 19:14:57

When the U.S, Dept. of Education purchases and hands out non standard altered shotguns to their employees…it is the LAST hypocrisy for the LIBERALS in this country…they are the ones screaming to take out 2nd ammendment rights away because “GUNS are DANGEROUS”….but apparently ONLY in the hands of “WE THE PEOPLE”….what purpose does it serve to arm TEACHERS?….

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So, 30 Oktober 2016 21:35:37

il y'en à pas d'autres qui doivent faire une présentation au moins de septembre de leur technologie a ce niveau et au niveau du plasma ? (voiture volante par exemple , comme le MHD de jp petit ? )

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Sa, 29 Oktober 2016 09:39:54

Hats off to whoever wrote this up and posted it.

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Sa, 29 Oktober 2016 04:23:30

The ability to think like that is always a joy to behold

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Fr, 28 Oktober 2016 10:43:23

At last some rationality in our little debate.

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Fr, 28 Oktober 2016 09:44:30

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