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but I'm thinking it might be linked to my old hotmail account which was LaurenRogers06@hotmail.com. Throughout this process I think I may have created an account for the LilLu06 hotmail account by accident, but it still doesn't show that it is linked to my blog. I'm not sure if I changed it, but back when it was Blogger and not Google, my sign in name was LaurenRae, but I don't remember the password. How can I access this blog??Thank you so much for your time. I really would appreciate a reply. (laurenrogers06@gmail.com)Graciously,Lauren

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Did Vanity Fair get new editors or something? They didn’t give a damn about that stuff in the 60s when it was happening and they were one of the bastions of the 80s consumerist culture that’s responsible for the deadening of American souls. Who’s next? Mad magazine?

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